Pretty Woman is one of the most famous romantic comedies of all time, a modern adult version of Cinderella, a film about big Hollywood dreams.

Initially, the movie was to be called “$3000”, as that was the amount Vivian and Edward agreed on. Later, the producers and writers decided that “Pretty Woman” was a more appropriate title for the movie.

At the time when the movie “Pretty Woman” was filmed, one of the most famous actresses was Demi Moore. Naturally, the producers offered her the role of Kit Deluca. However, Demi declined the offer without explanation. Ultimately, the role went to Laura San Giacomo, who played it magnificently.

Laura San Giacomo is an actress who has previously worked with director Gary Marshall.

The original idea of the movie was completely different. The movie was supposed to show the dark side of business escorting in Los Angeles in an era of drug addiction and urban danger. But in the end, the producers decided that a romantic comedy would suit the audience better.

In any movie, there are exciting mistakes that the audience notices. “Pretty Woman” was no exception. So, one of the mistakes that the audience sees is when Vivian unties Edward’s tie and leaves the room for a second, and when she returns, Edward’s association is entirely intact.

Another mistake noticed was that one moment, Vivian was eating a croissant, and the next moment, that croissant turned into a small pancake.

And the famous red dress Vivian wore to the opera should have been black. Fortunately, Marilyn Vance, the costume designer, had a different idea. He knew a red dress would produce a wow effect that a black dress could not. Despite this, Vance created three other dresses for the scene, and in the end, the red one won out.

On the set of the intimate scene with Edward, Julia Roberts was so nervous that a vein popped out on her forehead. It was so evident that director Gary Marshall stopped filming and began massaging Roberts’ head until the vein disappeared.

There are strict requirements for costumes in the movie Pretty Woman. The iconic shopping scene is one of the most iconic scenes in the film. The red dress is the most famous costume. But there was one red vintage jacket that the costume department paid only $30 for at a street corner store.

The final scene on the fire escape had to be re-shot over and over, nine times. That said, something happened every time they tried to shoot that scene. On one occasion, Richard Gere’s suit got dirty from climbing the stairs, and Julia’s shoes kept slipping. On another occasion, opera music came from the neighboring house, and on a third occasion, pigeons flew all over the apartment.

Romantic scenes between her and Gere did not like the dog Roberts, who periodically appeared on the set. Therefore, because of his barking, it took many takes to shoot these scenes.