Elvis Presley, the ‘King of Rock and Roll,’ is a cultural icon of the 20th century. Despite his fame, much of his personal life remained private.

Speculations about his heritage have persisted for years. In 2018, Gladys’ headstone was taken out of storage to honor the 60th anniversary of her death, finally solving the mystery.

Elvis Aaron Presley was born on January 8, 1935, in Tupelo, Mississippi, to Gladys Love and Vernon Presley. He was born in a two-room shotgun house that his father built.

Elvis was a twin, but sadly, his identical twin brother, Jesse Garon, was delivered stillborn 35 minutes before him.

Despite the family’s financial struggles, Elvis was close to his parents.

Religion was a constant in his life, and it helped keep the family together. Elvis’ father was a deacon at the Assembly of God Church, and they would attend church every Sunday. Elvis’ father was a deacon at the Assembly of God Church, and they would attend church every Sunday. Elvis’ father was a deacon at the Assembly of God Church, and they would attend church every Sunday.

The minister taught Elvis guitar lessons after he received his first guitar for his 11th birthday, which came in handy when the family moved to Memphis, one of the most famous music towns in the USA.

After graduating high school, Elvis visited Memphis Recording Service, home of Sun Records, to record a demo of “My Happiness” and “That’s When Your Heartaches Begin” for about $4. He wanted to make a record for his mother, Gladys, as a late birthday present.

Sam Phillips, the owner of Sun Records, heard Elvis’ demo and wanted to hear more.

Elvis’ career took off after “That’s All Right” was played on the radio, and he became an icon.

Elvis’ father, Vernon, managed his finances and accompanied him on tour and in some of his movies.

Although Vernon was involved in Elvis’ professional life, the King was closer to his mother, Gladys. Gladys was proud of her son’s success as he became more famous, but she was protective of her only child and feared for his life.

At one of his shows, when girls started throwing themselves at Elvis, Gladys intervened, asking them, ‘Why are you trying to hurt my boy?’

According to The New Zealand Herald, a secret about Gladys changed everyone’s perspective on Elvis.

Gladys struggled with her son’s fame. To cope with it, she turned to alcohol, which worsened her undiagnosed hepatitis. Elvis was serving in the U.S. Army in Germany when her condition worsened. He was granted emergency leave to be with his mother.

Sadly, two days after he arrived in Memphis, Gladys passed away from heart failure at the young age of 46 on August 14, 1958. Her tragic death had a significant impact on Elvis.

Gladys’ death deeply affected the King, and he struggled to come to terms with her untimely passing.

Shortly after, Gladys was buried in a public ceremony at Memphis’ Forest Hill Cemetery, with a cross adorning her headstone. Six years later, Elvis replaced the grave marker, adding the words’ Sunshine Of Our Home.’

Tragically, 19 years later, at the young age of 42, Elvis passed away on August 16, 1977. Although the official cause of death was ruled as cardiac arrest, rumors began to circulate that it was due to the King’s drug addiction. Doctors later confirmed that his addiction was likely the cause of his death.