NEW DELHI, India – The world’s most dangerous, and highly venomous snake, the king cobra, typically avoids contact with humans.

However, because of a long and persistent drought in southern India, one snake became less vicious than usual and asked for human help. In a surprising turn, the snake, with venom that can kill a person in seconds, reached out for human intervention in order to not die of thirst.

According to the video description uploaded to YouTube, the king cobra made its way into the village of Kaiga in Karnataka state, presumably searching for water when it could not find a water source in its typical habitat due to the severe drought.

A wildlife rescue worker approached the dangerous, deadly snake, risking his life, and offered it a bottle of water, coming much closer than an average person would dare.

The king cobra then did the unthinkable: it politely drank from the water bottle while the rescuer held it.