Sir Rod Stewart, in a display of humility, recently admitted that he would have asked for a refund the first time he heard his major hit Maggie May in the 70s.

With his distinctive husky voice, Stewart was among the best-selling performers of all time, selling over 120 million records worldwide.

It was his single Maggie May that became the record that exploded his music career and elevated him to stardom, but the Do Ya Think I’m Sexy singer is still dubious about the song.

Rod Stewart and Jools Holland

In a heartfelt interview with Jools Holland, Rod Stewart fondly recalled his late brother Don’s rendition of the song Walkin’ My Baby Back Home, a memory that inspired him to include it on his latest record Swing Fever.

Posting a clip on Instagram of him and Holland discussing his new album, Stewart noted, ” When did you first hear the Swing Fever tracks!”.

‘ When Jools and I first heard ‘Walkin’ My Baby Back Home’ and all the other legendary songs on the album.”

Discussing the track, Holland asked legend Maggie May, “When did you first hear that song? Who performed it?”

” I used to hear my brother sing it,” he replied, his voice filled with nostalgia. ” He recently passed away so he won’t be singing it anymore, he was 94 years old when he died. When I was a kid, my whole family sang all those songs.”

” Did they sing them at Christmas?” inquired Holland, before Stewart confirmed, ” They used to sing them at Christmas, at Christmas parties. That’s why even my wife, who’s only 50, knows all those songs, every single one of them.

“‘You don’t listen to them on the radio, they get into the psyche and stay there. That’s what’s called songwriting, I guess.”

In a spontaneous act of fan appreciation, Stewart recently delighted his Glasgow fans by making an unannounced visit to a local pub, where he treated them to a special performance alongside Kevin McGuire and rock band Johnny Mac.

According to the Daily Record, the singer stopped by Murphy’s bar after the game and footage shows him performing his classic song Maggie May alongside McGuire.