Family disputes are not uncommon, but when you are a public figure, they can unfortunately become public as well. Meghan Markle’s older half-brother, Tom Markle Jr., publicly criticized her. Tom and Meghan share a father, Thomas Markle, who has also had issues with his daughter.

In February 2020, Tom expressed his complaints to The Sun. During an interview with a news outlet, the then-53-year-old voiced frustration with the media’s focus on his sister and Prince Harry’s charitable work while he struggled financially. 

He accused the Sussexes of supporting different causes every week but failing to support their own family. Tom also shared that he had lost his job and was currently living with his mother in New Mexico. He criticized Meghan and Harry for supporting charities but not helping their own struggling family. 

He told the publication that being associated with Meghan nearly destroyed him. He added that he is homeless and could have been begging for money under a bridge, but thankfully, his mom has taken him in.

He claimed that his life fell apart as a result of his Markle surname and that he suffered from depression. Tom, a glazier, said that ever since Meghan got together with Harry, it has been a mental nightmare.

He even considered changing his surname to escape his family’s ‘curse.’ 

Tom is sick of hearing about Meghan and Harry’s charitable efforts and believes they or the Palace should have done something to help Meghan’s struggling family.