Austin “Chumlee” Russell, a Pawn Stars cast member, was caught breaking the law. Over the past decade, the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas has experienced drama. Chumlee is a significant figure on the show and plays a pivotal role in its success. He has been a standout figure among the cast since the show’s debut in 2009. The show shows what goes on at a 24-hour pawn shop. It’s different from other shows, and it gets a lot of attention. Chumlee, who’s friends with Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison, the pawn shop owner, started working there when he was young. While friendly, Chumlee has also faced challenges on and off the show. There were even rumors that he had passed away.

How Pawn Stars’ Chumlee Got In Trouble With The Law

Chumlee Was Out Of Control

Due to legal challenges, pawn Stars cast member Chumlee has been in the news for years. In 2016, he was arrested after police searched his apartment in connection with a sexual assault investigation. They found drugs and unregistered guns. Chumlee had to give up the guns and follow specific rules for three years. He stayed out of trouble, and the charges were eventually downgraded to misdemeanors. However, Chumlee isn’t the only Pawn Stars cast member who has legal issues. Despite Chumlee’s legal troubles, he’s still on the show and even opened a candy store in 2017. Chumlee’s Candy on the Blvd is a candy store that has been a success for the Pawn Stars cast members. It offers retro, nostalgic, and novelty candy. Chumlee’s branded candy, jerky, toothpicks, and other items are sold there.

Chumlee is on social media, sharing updates about his business and life. He’s known for his work in pawn shops, collectibles, and candy. He’s a jack-of-all-trades. He is doing well.

Chumlee made coffee for Rick Harrison. Rick is a macho, lousy boy who knows the pawn trade. He may not want sugary vanilla flavoring in his coffee. So, Chumlee pretended to do Rick a favor by pouring his coffee. However, he added four pumps of vanilla syrup. When Rick tasted it, he spit it out.

The little skit was fun to watch. Rick’s charisma and Rick and Chumlee together usually mean comedy gold. This clip is recent, too, as it was added to the Chums_candy Instagram on May 24, 2024. This is an accurate account of Chumlee’s candy store.

The video shows how thin Chumlee looks. He had bariatric surgery and is maintaining his results. He was heavier on the show but wanted to slim down, so he had surgery. Bariatric procedures can be life-changing. They make it easy to lose weight quickly. Some people can’t keep the pounds off; they regain weight. Chumlee still needs to do that.

What’s interesting about the clip is seeing Rick. He’s looking happy these days. Rick’s been grieving, so seeing him with a smile is good. Rick is often seen as a villain, but he’s not all bad. He has destructive boy tendencies. He lost his son, who overdosed and died. Like many people, he’s been affected by the opioid crisis. He’s tried to raise awareness about it due to his tragedy. Rick’s son’s name is Adam Harrison. Methamphetamine and fentanyl were found in his system after he died. Adam was 39.

Rick is trying to move on, just like Chumlee. Both men have had their struggles. Both have their dark sides. Rick and Chumlee have been famous for a long time. With fame comes ego. It’s human nature to have an ego. So, Rick and Chumlee have had their moments. Chumlee broke the law, and it was surprising that this Pawn Stars clown was so edgy. Chumlee showed a different side of himself. Rick’s mom sued him too.

Chumlee is still a bad boy, but he’s not breaking the law. He might have learned his lesson. With a lean physique, a thriving career, and friends like Rick, Chumlee has much to look forward to as long as he stays straight and narrow. He hasn’t been canceled, but another scandal could turn off even the most loyal fans.