As Tiger Woods makes a comeback, everyone is watching his new girlfriend. Tiger Woods is the top-earning golfer, and his fans love to follow him. Fans are once again interested in the player’s personal life.

At the Sunday event of the TW Jr. At The Invitational, Woods was seen with a mysterious figure on the course. Fans are left wondering, who is this person and what is their relationship to Woods? Could Tiger Woods be dating again?

Is Tiger Woods dating someone new? 

Tiger Woods has been preparing for the TGR Jr. Invitational. The TaylorMade-sponsored tournament is for young golfers aged 10-18. There are 30 boys and 30 girls, and they are divided into age groups.

This year, the players are competing on the prestigious Pebble Beach course. The qualifying matches, held at The Hay, were just the beginning. After Day 3, the players had the privilege of a special dinner with none other than Woods himself.

On Day 1 of the tournament, the fan community TWLEGION tweeted updates from the greens. A photo of Tiger Woods was posted with the caption: Tiger is on the course today for the first day of the TW Jr. Inv.

In the picture, Tisha Alyn is standing next to Woods. They talk and look at something on the course.

The picture has become the talk of the golf event, sparking a wave of speculation about the relationship between the two. Here are some of the reactions from our community:

Fans react to Tiger Woods’ appearance with company on the Pebble Beach course.

Tiger Woods’ dating life has always been a topic of interest. Golf fans pay close attention to who Tiger Woods dates. This time, with Tisha Alyn, things seem the same.