Sure, their day job is charity work, but whether they like it or not, much of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s work involves taking photos, and a lot of it. Whether they’re hanging out at Sandringham for Christmas, attending sporting events like Wimbledon, or traveling on an official royal tour, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are followed by photographers – so much so that the royal couple sometimes forget they’re being photographed. Most of the time, the couple looks ready to shoot, but from time to time, they seem to be oblivious to the photographers’ presence.

Unlike their more laid-back counterparts, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, William and Kate are always professional and rarely overt. Still, staying on topic is impossible when you’re photographed as often as William and Kate. Now and then, we see the royal couple break character and, for better or worse, act like an average couple – and of course, it makes us love them even more.

Of course, we applaud William and Kate’s ability to remain poised and professional most of the time, but we also love seeing their more human, sometimes downright goofy sides. We bring you the cutest moments when William and Kate forgot about the cameras, from borderline intimate moments to the ones where they couldn’t suppress their laughter.

If we swapped William and Kate’s faces, they would look like two seriously dressed people out for a casual stroll, wouldn’t they? We hope that at least at this moment, they were able to feel like that for a while. I wonder what they were talking about.

Even though they’re walking the red carpet, Kate has completely forgotten about the cameras and wants to share a funny story with her husband. However, this is not an ordinary evening for both of them – they are more than used to going out on the carpet together.

William whispers sweet nonsense or gossips about someone in Kate’s ear. But in any case, it was caught on camera, even if, at the time, none of them realized it. We must pass the time during royal walks. You can also share secrets!

It’s no problem for Kate to poke fun at her husband a little – even if her husband is destined to one day become King of England. Sometimes, you must make fun of your man for not twisting a pretzel right. And sometimes it happens on camera.

It doesn’t matter whether the photo is candid – or whether it’s “candid” – there can be no two ways about it. It’s perfect, especially with the Eiffel Tower in the background. I wonder if they decided to frame this photo after seeing it or keep it as a memento of their travels.