When we see members of the British Royal Family, they usually embody the phrase “cool, calm and collected.” However, occasionally, they lose control of themselves – at least for a second.

The Queen’s late husband, Prince Philip, was known for his sharp tongue and straightforward manner but also for his short temper. Remember how, in 2015, a select few members of the royal family visited the Royal Air Force Club to mark the 75th anniversary of the start of the Battle of Britain.

Those present, including the Duke of Edinburgh, were invited for a group photo, which took longer than Prince Philip thought necessary. Sky News reported that the Duke was overheard telling assembled photographers: “Take that picture already!” Footage shows Prince William appearing to smile at his grandfather’s outburst.

We all know that looking after children at a wedding can be exhausting. This is especially true for parents, who must look after often bored children while also being present at the celebration. The result usually simmers frustration on both sides, and even the royals don’t seem to be left out.

When Pippa Middleton married in 2017, her nephew, Prince George, was a pageboy at the ceremony. According to People magazine, the four-year-old misbehaved: he emptied one of the flower baskets on the floor and messed with Pippa’s dress. Kate’s mother quickly intervened and appeared to give little George a stern reprimand, which led to the baby bursting into tears.

It is known that, despite his recent interviews, Prince Harry has an aversion to the press and has more than once entered into altercations with media representatives. After visiting a hospital in Malawi, the Duke of Sussex was returning to his car when a Sky News reporter asked him a question.

In no mood to answer, the prince called out the journalist’s name, saying: “Rhiannon, don’t act like that.”

Prince William was the cause of this memorable incident of royal wrath. Speaking in a documentary to mark his grandmother’s 90th birthday, the Duke recalled being scolded by Queen Elizabeth as a child after playing with his cousins got a little rough.

“I remember my grandmother being the first person at Balmoral [the Queen’s private residence in Scotland] to come running across the lawn in her kilt. She ran up to us and scolded us terribly, which is etched in my memory from that moment.”

Sarah Ferguson

In 2011, no one can forget the moment Sarah, Duchess of York, gave an interview to 60 Minutes, which didn’t go according to plan. When interviewers broached the topic of the News of the World scandal, Fergie became furious and demanded that some of the footage be deleted, after which she ran out of the room.