After the couple’s night out, Lambert spoke out against homophobic remarks made by trolls about his partner.

Adam Lambert, a pop star who tours with the rock band Queen, wore a black silk shirt over a v-neck top, black trousers, and black boots during a night out with his boyfriend, Oliver Gliese, in West Hollywood on Friday (4 August). Gliese wore a black blazer over a mesh-striped top with a cut-out detail on the stomach. She paired it with a black and white skirt, calf-length boots, and a silver shoulder bag.

After their night out, Lambert, 41, shared his views with his followers on Instagram.

He wrote, ‘Oli and I had a fun night out! It’s rare to encounter paparazzi in WEHO, so retro. It lifts my spirits to see support in the comments.’ I am also appalled by the homophobia and ignorance that is currently plaguing people.

Oli identifies as male and has a unique sense of style. He refuses to conform to societal norms regarding fashion choices. Oli is beautiful, brave, and daring. He is a leader, not a follower. Lambert and Oli are happy together and

do not care about haters’ opinions. It is time to grow up and challenge yourself to explore tolerance. We all strive for happiness and fulfillment in our lives. If you spend your time trolling online, it’s likely that you’re unhappy in your own life and struggling with your issues.

Gliese shared Lambert’s story and posted his statement, emphasizing the harmful impact that negative comments can have on a person’s mental health.

It’s essential to recognize the negativity that can exist in comment sections. Why do people in the spotlight end their lives too soon? Why are they on antidepressants, have low self-esteem, and dieting? Kindness never killed anyone!

I am not dressing like a girl. Also, I identify as a man, and I happen to have great legs that I want to show off. I love makeup! I cannot fit a lot of menswear because I am too small, and menswear is often dull.

The following day, Gliese posted again to express gratitude for the support and messages received from followers.

He thanked those who respected him and his partner and shared appreciation for the love being spread online instead of hate.