Rajee Narinesingh, a trans woman, gained notoriety as “Cement Face” after receiving illegal plastic surgery from Oneal Ron Morris, also known as the “toxic tush doctor,” in the mid-2000s.

Morris injected a harmful mixture of cement, superglue, and tire sealant into Narinesingh’s face and other parts of her body, causing severe deformities.

Narinesingh sought help from real surgeons on the show Botched to correct Morris’s damage.

Some people deal with matters by changing hairstyles, going to the gym, or even having surgery. However, others feel that change at a more fundamental level is necessary.

Unfortunately, some individuals are born feeling uncomfortable in their own bodies with regard to their gender. This is why gender reassignment surgery exists, and the process is more popular today than ever before.

For trans person Rajee Narinesingh, gender reassignment may not have been the first thing on her mind. However, the New York native, who was assigned male at birth, always felt a disconnect between her gender identity and biological sex. As she grew up, she realized that she identified as a woman and decided to undergo several plastic surgeries.

Unfortunately, these surgeries were costly, and Narinesingh resorted to seeking out illegal procedures on the black market. In 2005, Oneal Ron Morris, also known as the ‘toxic tush doctor’, injected his patient with substances such as cement and superglue. These substances hardened under the skin of her face, breasts, hips, and buttocks.

Today, Narinesingh is an influential spokesperson for many transgender people. Here’s what you need to know about her and what she looks like today.

Although born male, she realized at a young age that she did not identify with the other boys in her neighborhood and school.

Narinesingh grew up in Philadelphia, and as she got older, she knew she was a woman. To achieve her desired appearance, she underwent several plastic surgeries using fillers. Due to the high cost, she resorted to the black market, and unfortunately, in the mid-2000s, she met Oneal Ron Morris. Morris, a self-proclaimed plastic surgeon, later dubbed the “toxic tush doctor” by the media, administered unsafe injections to Narinesingh. These injections contained illegal substances, including superglue and cement. Rajee paid just $100 per session and received ten injections from Morris between 2007 and 2010.

As a result, Rajee’s face and several other parts of her body became deformed, with large lumps forming under her cheeks, lips, and chin.

In 2012, Rajee started seeing Dr. John Martin at Coral Gables Cosmetic Reconstructive Surgery. He administered softening injections and laser therapy to correct the botched surgery.

Thanks to Martin, Narinesingh went from being a victim to being victorious.

As a result, Rajee regained her confidence and even started dating.

Initially, in 2015, it was uncertain whether Rajee Narinesingh would be featured on the show due to potential risks to her well-being. Luckily, a year later, they were able to assist her.

Narinesingh underwent four surgeries over seven weeks to remove all the toxic fillers that Oneal Ron Morris had injected into her body.

Months after the procedures, Rajee explained that she still had some nodules in her breasts and buttocks. However, the most important thing is that she regained her self-confidence with her transformed face – and finally, she could see herself in the mirror.

In 2017, Oneal Ron Morris was sentenced to 10 years in prison after one of her patients died due to her dangerous surgeries.

Although Morris claimed to have been released, Narinesingh stated that she was not due to be released until 2026. Recently, Morris contacted Rajee Narinesingh through Instagram and asked for her forgiveness. Rajee accepted Morris’s apology.

Rajee Narinesingh is a brave individual. We are happy that she managed to get through the nightmare of the horrible injections. We wish her all the best in the future.