You can tell a lot about your personality by the shape of your fingernails – find out what it means to you

You can tell a lot about your personality by the shape of your fingernails – find out what it means to you

According to a new nail shape test, you can tell a lot about a person’s personality by the shape of their nails, and it can tell you a lot about the people you know.

Anyone who likes to learn more about themselves is encouraged to take a new nail personality test, and the results can be pretty revealing.

According to some people, the shape of one’s fingernails can tell a lot about a person, including traits and qualities they didn’t even realize they had, from creativity to decision-making and the ability to stay calm under pressure.

This particular test looks at four different types of nail shapes – vertically long, wide, round, and square – and the personality traits that are commonly associated with them.

Take a look at your hands and find out what your nails are secretly saying about you:


Vertically elongated nail shape

According to a test previously published by Jagran Josh, people with long fingernails are likely to be “calm, independent, and pragmatic,” the right side of their brain will be more developed than the left.

These people will likely be “creative and logical” and “gentle and malleable.” However, they can sometimes feel overwhelmed as they can pick up on subtle cues, causing them to either lose their temper or completely shut down.

Long nail wearers take pride in their work and always put out 100 percent. They may also have a talent for expressing themselves in art or writing.

Long nail wearers will likely be “calm, independent, and pragmatic.”

Wide nail shape

Wide nail shape wearers are considered “direct and open” due to their “strong sense of self-confidence, ” charisma, reliability, and expression.

Such people are natural conversationalists and collaborators; they are not shy to express their opinions and willingly listen to new ideas different from their own.

They have excellent networking skills, can read the emotions of others, and are likely to become outstanding leaders due to their organization, efficiency, and responsibility.

Wide nails indicate extraordinary leadership abilities.

Round nails

People with round nails tend to take everything to heart, and throwing them off balance takes a lot of effort. Optimistic, cheerful people quickly recover from setbacks and always try to find positive aspects in life.

Natural listeners with the ability to empathize and resolve conflicts, round-nosed people can become excellent professional counselors. They work well in a team, enjoy getting involved, and put their best effort into new situations.

According to others, people with round nails are often “romantic and sentimental,” so they like to keep and cherish precious memories of those they love.

Square nail shape

Square nail wearers are likely to be very independent and prefer to avoid being told what to do. They know how to make choices and are great at taking responsibility and solving complex problems.

Enterprising and loving to try new things, people with square nails will have a pioneering, innovative outlook on life and will likely be very ambitious and driven.

When it comes to their personal life, they are likely to be “fiercely loyal” to their family and friends and will always come to their aid, no matter what.