Ayla Kirstine, from Norway, has a unique skill for roaming in fields and leaping over hurdles like a horse.

Have you ever wanted to be an animal? One woman who has loved dogs since childhood wanted to be a dog. She learned to run and jump on all fours like a horse.

On her Instagram handle, she used to share videos of herself running and jumping like a horse. However, she deleted her old account.

Kirstine’s abilities were first noticed on Twitter in Germany before spreading worldwide.

She never posted an explanation about her hobby. Many people refer to her as ‘pferd madchen,’ which means ‘horse girl (or woman)’ in German. Kirstine’s viral video shows her walking on all fours and galloping around a field with a dog.

In an interview with the Daily Star, Kirstine explained that she started imitating dogs at the age of four because she loved them. Despite some finding her hobby strange, she continues to do what she enjoys.

The video has received over 19 million views and has surprised many netizens. While some people found Kirstine’s talent impressive, others found it strange.

It is more common than you might think for humans to run like horses.

Anna Salander, who was ten years old when the video was first published, also displayed a similar ability.

Additionally, another woman has shared her equestrian ability on Instagram. According to her Instagram account, she has been doing it for six years.