Katie Price’s Instagram followers praised her for her filter-free post, where she embraced her fresh-faced beauty after her rocky breakup with ex-fiancé Carl Woods.

Fans were relieved to see a post from the star with no filters.

The glamor model posted a video of herself doing her makeup for a shoot, adding the caption: ‘So much fun shooting today… I can’t wait for you all to see the pics.’

Fans noticed that the video had no filters, which Katie usually applies to her feed.

Her followers praised the post, with one commenting, ‘Nice to see a post with no filters’ and a heart eye emoji.

Another follower said, ‘So lovely to see you with no filters.’

Katie’s 2.6 million Instagram followers have criticized her for excessively using the app’s built-in filters and third-party editing apps.

Recently, fans accused her of looking ‘different’ due to editing rather than her new hair color, as she claimed.

Fans pleaded with Katie to reduce her heavy editing.

The caption reads, ‘Can’t believe how different I look going back to brunette.’ A fan commented that the filters used in the photo, not the hair color, made the difference. The fan acknowledged that the subject looked better with darker hair.

Another fan added that the photo was likely airbrushed and filtered and did not represent reality.     

Katie often faces criticism for her heavy editing tactics. However, some fans have defended her and asked others to give her a break.

One supporter commented on her recent unfiltered post, saying, ‘Leave her alone! We aren’t all perfect, you know! Looking good, girl.’

Another follower added: Why can’t people be friendly or avoid negative comments? It’s amusing how those who make the most judgmental comments often consider themselves perfect.