Kate talked about how things were different after Derek fought COVID-19 for nearly four years.

Derek will be seen in a new ITV show, where he looks at his wife and talks a little bit, not long before he died in January. In the show, Kate talks about how she feels about Derek, her husband for 19 years.

She also said: “But how that translates into the relationship is still being worked out. Sometimes you show love with flowers, sometimes with tea.

“He can’t do those things for me, so he’s trying to love me. He loves me, but how does he show it?

“I’m trying to figure out if he loves me.” “I know I’m loved, so we have a journey ahead,” says the Mirror.

In March 2020, Derek contracted COVID-19, which affected his body. He stayed in the hospital for 18 months. At the start of the new ITV show, we see Derek struggling to write a note to Kate.

She said: “Your writing isn’t as clear because you can’t write as well, but it’s the same.” I love it. When I first saw you write your name, I cried. “Ah, he’s still there.”

Derek writes on paper and then reads it aloud. “My name is Derek Draper. I want you to hear my story.”

He also writes, “Covid changed everything.”

Later, Derek reads his birthday cards with his son Bill. However, the former lobbyist says he gets tired quickly and needs to rest.

Kate tells him: “I love you! Say it back!”

Derek smiles and says, “I love you too,” but then he gets sleepy. Kate takes off his glasses and holds his hand. In another part of the show filmed in 2023, Derek says, “I love you,” without anyone asking. Kate asks, “Do you?” “I love you,” he says. “Yeah, I do.”

In July 2023, the family spent time in the woods near their house. Derek was in a wheelchair, and Jake pushed him in the sun.

Kate says she was scared when Derek was sick. She thought she might lose him and felt pain. She says there’s still a risk because of his health, but she tries to enjoy the good times they have now.

Derek is from Chorley in Lancashire. He worked for the Labour Party and then became a psychotherapist. He also wrote about psychotherapy in magazines and newspapers.

He wrote two books: Blair’s 100 Days and Life Support. In a documentary, he said he stood for equality and social justice.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair said Derek was a great colleague and friend. The film shows Kate’s sadness over Derek’s change. His once brilliant mind had become his worst enemy.

She said: “It’s sad because his brain was his best friend, but now it’s his worst enemy.”

The film also shows how hard Derek’s daily life was. His caregiver, Jake, helps him get into and out of a hyperbaric oxygen therapy session to help him recover. In another scene, a coach allows Derek to get better.

Overwhelmed, Derek cries, saying he’s “pathetic.” Kate, a pillar of support, comforts him. “It’s OK. You’re trying.” You’re almost there, sweetie. “It’s amazing.”

Derek stands with help. At the end of 2023, Derek also went to a new brain cell clinic in Mexico, but it didn’t work. Kate’s last chat with Derek was before she took him home. He was getting better and wanted to see his friends.

But when she got to Mexico, he had a heart attack. He had extensive surgery in Mexico; then they flew to London in a scary plane. Derek didn’t wake up after the heart attack. He died in the hospital with Kate and their kids by his side.

Kate finished the documentary for Derek. “I have to because Derek wanted it.” It’s for him. “It’s his legacy.”

She wants to keep fighting for better care because it was hard to get help and expensive. She said, “I can’t just give up on this because Derek doesn’t need it anymore.” “We all need to understand that this level of carelessness is coming for us or for someone we love unless we make it our priority.”