Laurel leaf. That marvelous gift from heaven! Even thanks to the ancient Greeks and Romans, this plant is still considered one of the most important in cooking and medicine. All because it is saturated with chemicals that can benefit the body. Don’t believe me? Read on, and you will be convinced! We’ll tell you what happens when you burn bay leaves at home….. or anywhere else.

Reduces inflammation

“How is that possible!” – you might think. If you burn one bay leaf or even a few (now and then), you’ll notice that it acts like an anti-inflammatory “pill.” This is because the leaves contain eugenol, an essential chemical for health!

It has a relaxing effect

Laurel leaves are very popular as an anti-stress remedy. If you try to burn this herb at home, the chemical linalool will start doing its thing. What exactly is it? Linalool is claimed to calm the body and mind and make you feel more relaxed. Sort of like a “zen mode.” Ten minutes of inhalation is enough to handle the actual results. Bay leaf burning

Increases concentration

When discussing Zen and meditation, it is evident that laurel leaves can be helpful during meditative practices and prayers. It is popularly said that this plant heals the body, mind, and spirit. Such an assumption comes from the ancient Greek legend of Apollo and Daphne. According to it, a nymph who had taken a vow of celibacy and chastity asks her father, the river god Peneus, to turn her into a laurel tree (laurel). This happened because she was constantly pursued by Apollo, who was passionately in love with Daphne. From this time onward, the Greeks associated the laurel leaf with its spiritual properties.